QueryBuilderRunner(IDBSchemaProviderEx, DBSchema, SqlDataConnection, IWin32Window, UserLookAndFeel, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, IDisplayNameProvider, IParameterService, IServiceProvider, ICustomQueryValidator, IExceptionHandler, ExpressionEditorContext, IRepositoryItemsProvider) Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the QueryBuilderRunner class with the specified settings.

Namespace: DevExpress.DataAccess.UI.Sql

Assembly: DevExpress.DataAccess.v20.2.UI.dll


public QueryBuilderRunner(
    IDBSchemaProviderEx schemaProvider,
    DBSchema dbSchema,
    SqlDataConnection connection,
    IWin32Window owner,
    UserLookAndFeel lookAndFeel,
    bool noCustomSql,
    bool light,
    bool noDiagramControl,
    bool legacyExpressionEditor,
    IDisplayNameProvider displayNameProvider,
    IParameterService parameterService,
    IServiceProvider propertyGridServices,
    ICustomQueryValidator customQueryValidator,
    IExceptionHandler loaderExceptionHandler,
    ExpressionEditorContext context,
    IRepositoryItemsProvider repositoryItemsProvider
Public Sub New(
    schemaProvider As IDBSchemaProviderEx,
    dbSchema As DBSchema,
    connection As SqlDataConnection,
    owner As IWin32Window,
    lookAndFeel As UserLookAndFeel,
    noCustomSql As Boolean,
    light As Boolean,
    noDiagramControl As Boolean,
    legacyExpressionEditor As Boolean,
    displayNameProvider As IDisplayNameProvider,
    parameterService As IParameterService,
    propertyGridServices As IServiceProvider,
    customQueryValidator As ICustomQueryValidator,
    loaderExceptionHandler As IExceptionHandler,
    context As ExpressionEditorContext,
    repositoryItemsProvider As IRepositoryItemsProvider


Name Type Description
schemaProvider IDBSchemaProviderEx

An object implementing the IDBSchemaProviderEx interface that provides the capability to customize the data source schema.

dbSchema DBSchema

A DBSchema object that is the data source schema.

connection SqlDataConnection

An SqlDataConnection object that specifies a connection to a data provider.

owner IWin32Window

An object implementing the IWin32Window interface.

lookAndFeel UserLookAndFeel

A UserLookAndFeel object.

noCustomSql Boolean

true, to disable custom SQL editing; otherwise, false.

light Boolean

true, to disallow end-users from specifying custom SQL queries, column aliases and expressions; otherwise, false.

noDiagramControl Boolean

true, to use a table-based user interface; false, to use a diagram-based user interface.

legacyExpressionEditor Boolean

true, to use the older Expression Editor version; otherwise, false.

displayNameProvider IDisplayNameProvider

An object implementing the IDisplayNameProvider interface.

parameterService IParameterService

An object implementing the IParameterService interface that provides a service functionality to manage query parameters.

propertyGridServices IServiceProvider

An object implementing the IServiceProvider interface.

customQueryValidator ICustomQueryValidator

An object implementing the ICustomQueryValidator interface that provides custom validation logic for SQL queries.

loaderExceptionHandler IExceptionHandler

An object implementing the IExceptionHandler interface.

context ExpressionEditorContext

An ExpressionEditorContext object.

repositoryItemsProvider IRepositoryItemsProvider

An object implementing the IRepositoryItemsProvider interface that provides repository items to manage query parameters.

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