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Automatic Summaries

Automatic summaries are calculated against data fields. The type of summary function is determined by the PivotGridFieldBase.SummaryType property of a corresponding data field.

The following common summary functions are supported: Sum, Min, Max, Average, Count, Var (an estimate of the variance of a population), Varp (the variance of a population), StdDev (an estimate of the standard deviation of a population) and StdDevp (the standard deviation of a population). For a complete list of predefined summary functions and their descriptions see the PivotSummaryType topic.

You can allow end-users to change the summary type by clicking the data field’s header. To do this, set the PivotGridFieldOptions.AllowRunTimeSummaryChange property to true.


For data fields that contain non-numeric values, only the Count, Min and Max functions can be calculated. If any other summary function is used, corresponding data cells will display zeros.

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