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How to: Create Groups and Items

The following sample code demonstrates how to add and modify groups, items and links between them. All elements are added via the Add method of the corresponding collection.

Captions are assigned to the added group and two items. This is performed via the NavElement.Caption property of the NavBarGroup and NavBarItem objects respectively. The NavElement.SmallImage property is used to display images within links.

The following image displays the control before and after code execution.

GroupsItemsLinks - Adding

using DevExpress.XtraNavBar;
// ...
// adding and adjusting a new group 
NavBarGroup helpGroup = navBarControl1.Groups.Add();
helpGroup.Caption = "Help Topics";
helpGroup.LinksUseSmallImage = true;

// adding and adjusting two items
NavBarItem indexItem = navBarControl1.Items.Add();
indexItem.Caption = "Index";
indexItem.SmallImage = Image.FromFile("E:\\Images\\Icons\\index.bmp");

NavBarItem contentsItem = navBarControl1.Items.Add();
contentsItem.Caption = "Contents";
contentsItem.SmallImage = Image.FromFile("E:\\Images\\Icons\\bookclosed.bmp");

// creating links between the group and items