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A Navigation Bar View determines the way the control and its child elements look and behave.

Explorer Bar View

The default Navigation Bar View.

Demo Center 24.1: Run a demo

NavBar 17 - Explorer View

Key features:

Emulates the old-styled side bar similar to the one that was in Microsoft Outlook prior to version 2003.

NavBar 17 - Interior Scroll Buttons

Key features:

  • only one Navigation Bar group can be expanded at a time;
  • an expanded group fills the entire control space, which is not occupied with headers of other (inactive) groups;
  • supports interior scroll buttons to scroll the content of an expanded group.

An advanced View inspired by Microsoft Outlook’s navigation pane.

Demo Center 24.1: Run a demo

NavBar 17 - Navigation Pane View

On touch devices, the Navigation Pane View does not support group content scrolling using swipe gestures. Group content can be scrolled by tapping the scroll buttons or dragging this content.

In Navigation Pane View, the Navigation Bar consists of four zones.

NavBar 17 - Navigation Pane Zones

End-users can click the expand/collapse button in the NavBar header area to minimize the control. To do the same in code, modify the OptionsNavPane.NavPaneState property.

NavBar 17 - Collapsed Navigation Pane

  • Header Area

    Displays only the expand/collapse button.

  • Active Group Area

    Displays a button that invokes the resizable panel that shows the content of a currently active group. A group caption is rotated vertically.

    Settings: OptionsNavPane.PopupFormSize | OptionsNavPane.MaxPopupFormWidth

  • Inactive Group Area

    Buttons that activate groups upon clicking display only group icons.

  • Overflow Panel

    Displays only the ellipsis button.

The ellipsis button in the overflow panel area allows end-users to change the number of items shown in the inactive group area, activate hidden groups and (if the OptionsNavPane.AllowOptionsMenuItem property is enabled) customize the group order and font settings.

NavBar 17 - Customization Menu

The Office Navigation Bar control can replace the inactive group and overflow panel areas of a Navigation Pane. See this link to learn more.

OfficeNavBar - NavBar Animation 1

Change a Navigation Bar View

To change a Navigation Bar View, modify the NavBarControl.PaintStyleKind property. At design time, this property is accessible through the control’s smart tag.

NavBar 17 - Change View Smart Tag

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