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Gallery Page

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This page allows you to create In-Ribbon and In-Dropdown galleries that can be displayed within the RibbonControl. In-Dropdown galleries are PopupMenu class descendants, so they can be invoked just like regular menus. In-Ribbon galleries can only be displayed within the RibbonControl. They are represented by RibbonGalleryBarItem objects.

After an In-Ribbon Gallery has been created it must be added to a specific Ribbon Page Group (for instance, via the Designer’s Toolbars Page). Otherwise, it will not be displayed onscreen. After an In-Dropdown gallery has been created it can be associated with a specific In-Ribbon gallery using the RibbonGalleryBarItem.GalleryDropDown property. See Galleries for more information.



  • RibbonDesigner_Galleries_btnAddInplaceGallery Add Inplace Gallery - Creates a new In-Ribbon gallery (a RibbonGalleryBarItem object) that contains a single gallery group and adds the gallery to the RibbonControl.Items collection.
  • RibbonDesigner_Galleries_btnAddDropdownGallery Add Dropdown Gallery - Creates a new In-Dropdown gallery (a GalleryDropDown object) with a single gallery group. The created object appears in the Designer’s tray.

Groups and Items

  • RibbonDesigner_Galleries_btnAddGroup - Add Group - Adds a new gallery group to the selected gallery.
  • RibbonDesigner_Galleries_btnAddItem - Add Item - Adds a new gallery item to the selected gallery group.


  • btnMoveUp Move Up - Moves the selected gallery group or gallery item up.
  • btnMoveDown Move Down - Moves the selected gallery group or gallery item down.
  • btnRemove Remove - Removes the selected gallery, gallery group or gallery item.