Member Table: Add Unbound Data

Property Description
PivotGridFieldBase.UnboundType Gets or sets the field’s data type and binding mode.
PivotGridFieldBase.UnboundFieldName Gets or sets the name of a column in a summary data source that corresponds to the current unbound field.
PivotGridFieldBase.UnboundExpression Gets or sets an expression used to evaluate the unbound field’s value.
PivotGridFieldBase.IsUnboundExpressionValid Gets whether the PivotGridFieldBase.UnboundExpression property’s value specifies a valid expression.
PivotGridFieldBase.ExpressionFieldName Gets the field’s name in unbound expressions.
PivotGridFieldBase.UnboundExpressionMode Gets or sets how the specified data field’s unbound expression is calculated.
PivotGridOptionsData.DataFieldUnboundExpressionMode Gets or sets whether unbound expressions for pivot grid’s data fields are calculated based on the data source records or summary values.
PivotGridFieldOptionsEx.ShowUnboundExpressionMenu Gets or sets whether an end-user can open an Expression Editor for the current unbound field using a context menu.
PivotGridField.CanShowUnboundExpressionMenu Gets whether a menu used to open an Expression Editor for unbound fields is available.
PivotGridFieldOptions.ShowInExpressionEditor Gets or sets whether the current field is available in the Expression Editor‘s field list.
Event Description
PivotGridControl.CustomUnboundFieldData Enables providing data to unbound fields.
PivotGridControl.FieldUnboundExpressionChanged Fires after the PivotGridFieldBase.UnboundExpression property’s value has been changed.
Method Description
PivotGridControl.ShowUnboundExpressionEditor Invokes the Expression Editor that enables editing a specified unbound field’s expression.