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Pivot Grid Data Processing Modes

Pivot Grid can operate in different data processing modes. The data processing mode determines how Pivot Grid executes data aggregation and filter operations. The following modes are available:

In-Memory mode
Pivot Grid loads data and processes it on the workstation. You can select the data processing engine that Pivot Grid uses in this mode: Legacy, LegacyOptimized, or Optimized.
Server mode
Pivot Grid performs data-aware operations on the server.
OLAP mode
Pivot Grid connects to data contained in a cube deployed on an OLAP server and delegates data-aware operations (such as summarization, grouping, etc.) to the server.

For users, Pivot Grid’s functions are identical in server and in-memory modes. For example, users can scroll Pivot Grid, sort, group and filter data, and calculate summaries.

Refer to the following topic for information on how the data processing mode affects Pivot Grid’s performance: Pivot Grid Performance.