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Symbol Panel

Symbols Panel is a container that looks and behaves like a real LED device. It hosts one or more symbols to display either characters or digits. The total number of displayed symbols is defined by the DigitalGauge.Text and DigitalGauge.DigitCount property values.

The appearance of the symbols panel depends on the digital gauge view type.

The images below demonstrate two symbol panels - the FourteenSegment and the Matrix8x14 view types.



The following table lists the main properties affecting element behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Main DigitalGauge.DisplayMode,DigitalGauge.Text,DigitalGauge.DigitCount
Size DigitalGauge.Padding,BaseGauge.MinimumSize,BaseGauge.ProportionalStretch
Layout DigitalGauge.LetterSpacing,BaseGauge.Bounds