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Gauge Types

There are three main types of DevExpress gauges: analog, digital and state indicator gauges. Analog gauges include circular and linear gauges. This topic briefly describes each gauge type.


Circular Gauges

Circular gauges have a circular, semi-circular or any round scale. They are appropriate for creating speedometers, tachometers, stopwatches, clocks, etc.


See Circular Gauges to learn more.

Linear Gauges

These are horizontally or vertically oriented bars with scales, appropriate for creating thermometers and progress displays:


See Linear Gauges to learn more.

Digital Gauges

These gauges display text or numbers like LEDS do. Numbers can be painted using a 7 or 14 segment display style, and text can be painted using the 14 segment display style:


See Digital Gauges to learn more.

State Indicators

State indicators can be used to imitate static devices or simple indicators that have a fixed set of states.


See State Indicator Gauges to learn more.