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Member Tables: User Interaction

Member Description
NavBarControl.LinkClicked Fires immediately after a link has been clicked.
NavBarControl.LinkPressed Fires immediately after a link has been pressed.
NavBarItem.LinkClicked Fires immediately after the current item has been clicked.
NavBarItem.LinkPressed Fires immediately after an end-user pressed the current item.
Member Description
NavBarControl.AllowSelectedLink Enables link selection.
NavBarControl.EachGroupHasSelectedLink Allows each group to have its own selected link.
NavBarControl.SelectedLink Specifies the currently selected link.
NavBarGroup.SelectedLink Specifies the currently selected link within the current group.
NavBarControl.SelectedLinkChanged Allows you to respond to selecting links.

Obtain Hit Information

Member Short description
NavBarControl.CalcHitInfo Used to determine control elements at a specific point of the control.
NavBarControl.State Indicates the current control’s state.
NavBarGroup.State Indicates the group’s state.
NavBarItemLink.State Indicates the link’s state.