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Main Menu

The main section of the Hamburger Menu contains navigation commands that are represented by buttons with icons and captions.

Hamburger Main and Bottom

To specify the collection of the main menu, use the HamburgerMenu.Items property or declare buttons between the Hamburger Menu‘s opening and closing tags in XAML. You can add the following buttons to the collection.

Use the Placement property to pin the button to the main menu’s top / bottom side.

To use the Hamburger Menu with another control, specify the control as the HamburgerMenu.Content property value:

<dxwui:HamburgerMenu >
            <dxwui:HamburgerSubMenuThemeSelectorBehavior ShowTouchThemes="False" PreviewThemeNames="VS2017Light,VS2017Dark,Office2019White,Office2019HighContrast"/>
        <dxdo:DockLayoutManager x:Name="dockManager">
            <dxdo:LayoutGroup x:Name="layoutRoot">
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