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SchedulerStorage.SetObjectValue(IPersistentObject, String, Object) Method

Assigns the specified value to a field in the data row that contains information about the specified persistent object.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Scheduler

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Scheduler.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Scheduler


public void SetObjectValue(
    IPersistentObject obj,
    string columnName,
    object val


Name Type Description
obj IPersistentObject

An object implementing the IPersistentObject interface (appointment, resource or appointment dependency).

columnName String

A String value which specifies the name of the required data field.

val Object

A Object which specifies the required data field’s value.



You are viewing documentation for the legacy WPF Scheduler control. If you’re starting a new project, we strongly recommend that you use a new control declared in the DevExpress.Xpf.Scheduling namespace. If you decide to upgrade an existing project in order to switch to the updated scheduler control, see the Migration Guidelines document.

If a storage object is bound to a data source, the information about persistent objects is obtained from the data source’s data rows. Use the SetObjectValue method to assign a specific value to a field value from the data row that corresponds to the specified persistent object.

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