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SchedulerStorage Events

A storage which holds data for the Scheduler Control.
Name Description
AppointmentChanging Fires when an appointment‘s property is changing.
AppointmentCollectionAutoReloading Occurs when the data source which contains appointment records is modified, and appointments are set to be automatically reloaded.
AppointmentCollectionCleared Fires after the appointment collection has been cleared.
AppointmentCollectionLoaded Fires after appointments have been loaded into the AppointmentCollection collection.
AppointmentDeleting Allows you to cancel the deletion of an appointment.
AppointmentDependenciesChanged Reserved for future use.
AppointmentDependenciesDeleted Reserved for future use.
AppointmentDependenciesInserted Reserved for future use.
AppointmentDependencyChanging Reserved for future use.
AppointmentDependencyCollectionAutoReloading Reserved for future use.
AppointmentDependencyCollectionCleared Reserved for future use.
AppointmentDependencyCollectionLoaded Reserved for future use.
AppointmentDependencyDeleting Reserved for future use.
AppointmentDependencyInserting Reserved for future use.
AppointmentInserting Allows you to cancel the insertion of an appointment.
AppointmentsChanged Fires after properties of one or several appointments have been changed.
AppointmentsDeleted Fires after deletion of one or more appointments.
AppointmentsInserted Fires after one or more appointments have been added to the collection.
DataContextChanged Occurs when the data context for this element changes. Inherited from FrameworkElement.
DependencyChanging Reserved for future use.
FetchAppointments Occurs before the SchedulerStorage starts retrieving the appointments for the specified time interval.
FilterAppointment Enables specific appointments to be hidden in the Scheduler Control.
FilterDependency Reserved for future use.
FilterReminderAlert Enables you to fire alerts only for specific reminders.
FilterResource Enables specific resources to be hidden in the Scheduler Control.
ReminderAlert Occurs when a reminder alert is invoked.
ResourceChanging Fires when a resource property is about to be changed.
ResourceCollectionAutoReloading Occurs when the data source which contains resources is modified and the automatic reloading of resources is enabled.
ResourceCollectionCleared Fires after the resource collection has been cleared.
ResourceCollectionLoaded Fires after resources have been loaded into the Scheduler Storage.
ResourceDeleting Allows the deletion of a resource to be cancelled.
ResourceInserting Allows you to cancel the addition of a resource.
ResourcesChanged Occurs when a resource or several resources in a collection are changed.
ResourcesDeleted Occurs after a resource or several resources have been deleted.
ResourcesInserted Occurs when new resources have been inserted into the scheduler storage.
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