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Week View

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You are viewing documentation for the legacy WPF Scheduler control. If you’re starting a new project, we strongly recommend that you use a new control declared in the DevExpress.Xpf.Scheduling namespace. If you decide to upgrade an existing project in order to switch to the updated scheduler control, see the Migration Guidelines document.

This document introduces the Week view of the Scheduler Control.


The Week View is disabled by default, since this view is outdated and provided for compatibility with the earlier versions of the WPF Scheduler. It is recommended to use the equivalent Full Week View, which provides a more flexible way to schedule and view appointments for the entire week. If you still wish to use the Week View, enable it by setting the SchedulerViewBase.Enabled property to true.

The Week View displays appointments for any given weekly period. This view’s options are represented via the WeekView object, which is accessed via the SchedulerControl.WeekView property. The image below demonstrates the SchedulerControl with its SchedulerControl.ActiveViewType property set to Week.


The following table lists the main properties of the WeekView class which implement its basic functionality.

Member Name Description
WeekView.AppointmentDisplayOptions Provides access to the options specifying how appointments are displayed in a Week View.
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