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TileNavPane.TileNavGroupHeader Attached Property

Gets or sets a group header associated with a specific object. This is an attached property.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Navigation

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Controls.v21.2.dll



Type Description

An Object representing a group header associated with a specific object.


You can display headers above tiles in the TileNavPane. This allows you to show an end-user that specific tiles belong to certain groups. Use the TileNavGroupHeader attached property to specify a group header for a navigation element displayed as a tile. This property is applicable to the TileNavCategory, TileNavItem and TileNavSubItem objects.

In the following example, a group header is specified for TileNavCategory objects.

    <dxnav:TileNavCategory TileContent="First category" dxnav:TileNavPane.TileNavGroupHeader="First Group"/>
    <dxnav:TileNavCategory TileContent="Second category"/>
    <dxnav:TileNavCategory TileContent="Third category" dxnav:TileNavPane.TileNavGroupHeader="Second Group"/>

The following figure shows the result of this markup.


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