ConfigureQueryPage Properties

Provides a view for the Create a Query or Select a Stored Procedure (Single-Query Version) page of the Data Source Wizard in WPF applications.
Name Description
AllowCustomSql Specifies whether custom SQL editing is enabled on a wizard page.
CanSelectStoredProcedures Specifies whether it is possible to select a stored procedure.
Description Specifies the description of the current wizard page.
IsInDesignMode static Gets whether design-time mode is active. Inherited from ViewModelBase.
QueryType Specifies the type of query selected on a wizard page.
SelectedStoredProcedureIndex Specifies the index of the selected item in the list of available stored procedures.
SqlString Specifies the SQL string created on a wizard page.
StoredProcedures Specifies stored procedures available on a wizard page.
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