FetchRowsEventArgsBase Properties

Provides data for the InfiniteAsyncSource.FetchRows and InfiniteSource.FetchRows events.
Name Description
AllowRetry Gets or sets whether re-requesting data is allowed.
Filter Gets the GridControl filtering. Inherited from FetchEventArgsBase.
Skip Gets the number of rows to skip in a returned result set. Inherited from FetchEventArgsBase.
SkipToken Gets the skip token. Inherited from FetchEventArgsBase.
SortOrder Gets the GridControl's sorting. Inherited from FetchEventArgsBase.
Take Gets one of the following values: * null when the grid fetches next portion of data (a user scrolls rows). * the number of rows within and above the viewport that are reloaded when you call the RefreshRows method or users press F5. * int.Max when you call the InfiniteAsyncSource.ReloadRows / PagedAsyncSource.ReloadRows method.
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