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Rich Text Editor API Structure

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Use the following links to access reference information about the most important classes in the DXRichEdit for WPF suite.

Class Description
RichEditControl The primary control of the DXRichEdit for WPF suite. A RichEditControl displays the document, and provides the comprehensive functionality to support common rich text operations.
DraftView The view without pagination. This view does not display complex formatting features.
SimpleView This view provides document pagination and displays basic page formatting.
PrintLayoutView This view displays all formatting in the document (including complex formatting), and can be used to preview the document printout.
SubDocument An interface that exposes the basic API functionality.
Document An interface that inherits from the SubDocument and exposes specific API functionality.
DocumentPosition A class that represents a position within the document.
DocumentRange An interface that defines a document range.
Paragraph A single paragraph in a document.
DocumentImage An interface that defines an inline image in the document.
Field An interface that defines a document field. A field is a set of codes that instructs a RichEditControl to insert text or graphics into a document automatically.
Hyperlink An interface that defines a hyperlink in the document.
Bookmark An interface that defines a bookmark in the document.
Section An interface that defines a section that enables you to set up certain aspects of the document layout.
SectionColumn A class that represents an individual column in the layout.