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Obtain Nodes and Their Row Handles

  • 2 minutes to read

The TreeViewControl includes multiple methods that allow you to obtain nodes and their row handles. This topic lists and describes these methods.

A row handle is an integer value that identifies a node regardless of whether it is displayed in the TreeViewControl. A visible index is an integer value that identifies only a visible node. If a node is hidden within a collapsed node, its visible index is always -1.

The following images illustrate the difference between row handles and visible indices.

  • All nodes are expanded:

  • One node is collapsed:

Obtain Nodes

Method Description
GetNodeByContent(Object) Returns a node with the specified content.
GetNodeByValue(Object) Returns a node with the specified display value.
GetNodeByRowHandle(Int32) Returns a node with the specified handle.
GetNodeByVisibleIndex(Int32) Returns a node with the specified visible index.
CurrentNode Gets or sets the focused node.
SelectedItems Returns the collection of selected nodes.

Obtain Row Handles

API Description
TreeListNodeBase.RowHandle Returns a node’s row handle.
GetSelectedRowHandles() Returns row handles of selected nodes.
GetRowHandleByVisibleIndex(Int32) Returns a node’s row handle by its visible index.
GetRowVisibleIndexByHandle(Int32) Returns a node’s position in the TreeViewControl by its row handle.


The following code sample gets a node with the specified value, obtains the node’s row handle, and expands the specified node.

void ExpandSpecifiedNode() {
    var node = treeview.GetNodeByValue("Marketing");
    var rowHandle = node.RowHandle;