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Export to Image

This document details the exporting of a document to Image.


A code example illustrating how to export a report to an image is available at How to export a report to image.

The options that can be specified for a document exported to an image file are stored in the ImageExportOptions class, and can be accessed via a report’s ExportOptions.Image property.

Numerous image formats are supported, specified via the ImageExportOptions.Format property. They are listed below.

  • BMP;
  • EMF;
  • WMF;
  • GIF;
  • JPEG;
  • PNG;
  • TIFF.

Among these options, the ImageExportOptions.ExportMode property determines the way in which a document is exported to Image. For instance, it may be exported to a single file (with a single page header at the beginning and a single page footer at the end). Or it may be exported page-by-page to either a single file or different files.

To specify the quality of text rendering in images (especially in images having small dpi values and a transparent background), use the ImageExportOptions.TextRenderingMode property.