The BrushEdit control allows end-users to edit color data.


The BrushEdit control offers the following features.

  • Multiple brush types

    The BrushEdit control allows end-users to edit the following brush types.

    • SolidColorBrush
    • LinearGradientBrush
    • RadialGradientBrush
  • Multiple color models

    End-users can specify the desired color by entering the precise values. The BrushEdit control supports the following color models.

    • RGB
    • CMYK
    • HLS
    • HSB

    Additionally, an Alpha value can be specified in each of the listed color models.

  • Visual color selection

    End-users can edit a brush visually using the color field and the color slider. The Color SelectorColorEdit Visual Elements Color Selector tool makes it possible to select any color on the screen.

  • Empty brush

    End-users can select the null value from the BrushEdit's None tab.

  • Complementary popup control

    DevExpress WPF Editors library contains a popup variation of the BrushEdit control. To learn more, see PopupBrushEdit.


The following sample demonstrates how to create a BrushEdit using XAML markup.

<Window ...
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