Applying Conditional Formatting

You can change the appearance of individual data cells based on specific conditions using the Conditional Formatting context menu. This feature helps to highlight important information, identify trends and exceptions, and compare data.

To invoke the menu, do the following.

  • Right-click the data cell corresponding to the intersection of the required data, row and column fields.
  • Select the required conditional formatting or clear rule from the list.

Available format conditions are displayed when expanding the Conditional Formatting menu.

EUD Pivot Grid Conditional Formatting Context Menu


To allow end-users to change the appearance of data cells, set the control’s PivotGridControl.AllowConditionalFormattingMenu property to true.

End-users can add, sort, modify or delete format conditions using the Conditional Formatting Manager.


To allow end-users to use the Conditional Formatting Manager, ensure that the control’s PivotGridControl.AllowConditionalFormattingManager property is set to true.