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Each NavBar control stores a collection of items that can be accessed via the Items property. This collection allows you to add, delete and access individual items represented by TdxNavBarItem objects. Such objects provide the data for the links displayed within the NavBar control. This data includes the caption, hint text and image displayed within a link and its style settings. These objects also provide properties controlling the behavior of the corresponding links (e.g. whether they are enabled, visible, etc).

When you create and customize items, the look and feel of the NavBar control is not affected. In order to display the contents of an item, a link must be created. A link connects an item and group and an item can have as many links as necessary.

The image below displays a collection of items and their corresponding links. Note that the Find and Replace items have two links, while the Contents item does not have any.


Separators are a special kind of items. You can use them to categorize item links within groups.

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