.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+

RichEditControlCompatibility Properties

Allows setting common parameters for all RichEditControl instances in the application.
Name Description
CompatibleRtfImportForRotatedImages static Fixes incorrectly displayed rotated images in loaded RTF files.
DefaultFontName static Gets or sets the name of the font which is the default font for Rich Edit controls in the application.
DefaultFontSize static Gets or sets the size of the font which is the default font size for RichEdit controls in the application.
DisableCJKFontsCorrection static Static property that switches off the vertical metrics correction introduced for CJK font support.
EnableDirectWriteMeasurement static Gets or sets whether to use DWrite to measure document text.
EnableLegacyLayoutEngine static Gets or sets whether to restore the previous document layout calculation.
EnableLegacyPdfExport static Allows you to use obsolete PDF export implemented in earlier versions. Not supported in .NET Standard 2.0+ / .NET Core 2.1+.
EnableMSWordCompatibleFieldParser static Enables changing parsing rules for nested fields.
KeepLastParagraphOnDeletion static A static property that enables you to retain the behavior when the last paragraph cannot be deleted.
LoadHyperlinkAsField static Gets or sets whether to keep importing document hyperlinks when importing document fields is forbidden.
MergeSuccessiveTables static Specifies whether to merge the inserted table with the successive table.
UseThemeFonts static Specifies whether to use theme fonts to retrieve default document font information.
WriteDefaultRtfFontSize static Gets or sets whether the information about the default font size (12pt) should be written to the RTF document code.
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