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PivotGridOptionsOLAP Properties

Provides “OLAP mode”-specific options for a PivotGrid control.
Name Description
AllowDuplicatedMeasures For internal use.
AllowTopNDrillDown Gets or sets whether to allow the control to obtain drill-down data if Top N is applied.
DefaultMemberFields Gets or sets for which filter fields the pivot grid processes only data related to their default members.
FilterByUniqueName Gets or sets whether PivotGridControl should take into account OLAP member values or unique names when filtering data in the OLAP mode.
ModificationCheckInterval Gets or sets the time interval to check for data modification.
ServerDefinedDrillDownColumns Gets or sets whether or not a server determines which columns are returned when obtaining drill down data.
ShowColumnsWithNoData Gets or sets whether to show items with no data on columns.
ShowRowsWithNoData Gets or sets whether to show items with no data on rows.
SortByCustomFieldValueDisplayText In OLAP, allows you to sort data using the PivotGridControl.FieldValueDisplayText event.
SortUsingDiscoverXmlMetadata Gets or sets whether the PivotGrid uses the OrderBy attribute obtained from the OLAP server to sort data.
UseAggregateForSingleFilterValue Gets or sets whether to use the Aggregate function in the MDX query, if the filter contains a single value.
UseDefaultMeasure For internal use.
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