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PivotGridGroup Properties

Represents an individual group of fields.
Name Description
Area Gets the area of the pivot grid in which the group is displayed.
AreaIndex Gets the index of the first field within the group among the other fields displayed within the same area.
Caption Gets or sets the group’s caption.
Count Gets the number of fields within the group.
Fields Provides access to the group’s field collection.
FilterValues Gets the group filter condition.
Hierarchy Gets or sets the name of the hierarchy to which the current field group belongs.
Index Gets the group’s position within the collection that owns it.
IsFilterAllowed Gets whether the group filter is used to filter data against the group’s fields.
IsOLAP Gets whether the control is in OLAP mode.
Item[Int32] Provides indexed access to the fields in the group.
ShowNewValues Gets or sets whether field values that have appeared in the datasource after the field’s filtering was configured should be shown.
Visible Gets whether the group is visible.
VisibleCount Gets the number of visible fields within the current group.
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