XlFormattingObject Members

Contains cell formatting settings applied when exporting a control's data to XLS(X) format.


Name Description
XlFormattingObject() Initializes a new instance of the XlFormattingObject class.


Name Description
Alignment Gets or sets text alignment, wrapping, rotation, best-fit and indentation options.
BackColor Gets or sets the cell's background color.
Font Gets or sets font attributes for the currently processed cell.
FormatString Gets the pattern for formatting values.
FormatType Gets or sets the type of formatting applied to the current value.
NumberFormat Gets or sets the native Excel format string used to format the currently processed value.


Name Description
CopyFrom(XlCellFormatting, FormatType) Copies the font, format string and background color settings from the specified XlCellFormatting object to the current object.
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