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IMongoDBConnectionProviderService.LoadConnection(String) Method

Creates an object that manages a connection to a MongoDB instance.

Namespace: DevExpress.DataAccess.MongoDB

Assembly: DevExpress.DataAccess.v22.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.DataAccess


MongoDBDataConnection LoadConnection(
    string name


Name Type Description
name String

The name of a MongoDB connection string.


Type Description

An object that manages a connection to a MongoDB instance.


A MongoDB data source can load a connection string from a project’s configuration file and use this string to connect to a MongoDB instance. Use the data source’s ConnectionName property to specify the connection string name. You can also implement a custom connection service for the MongoDB data source and load a connection string by its name from a different file. Refer to the code example below for more details.


The example below demonstrates how to implement a custom connection service for the MongoDBDataSource class.

using DevExpress.DataAccess.MongoDB;
using DevExpress.XtraPrinting.Native;
// ...
// Create a new class and implement the IMongoDBConnectionProviderService interface.
public class CustomMongoDBConnectionProviderService : IMongoDBConnectionProviderService {
    // Implement the LoadConnection method. 
    public MongoDBDataConnection LoadConnection(string name) {
        // The first argument of the LoadConnection method stores a string
        // assigned to the ConnectionName property of a MongoDBDataSource object.
        // Use this name to load a connection string from a file.
        // ...

        var connectionString = "...";

        // Create and return a MongoDBDataConnection object.
        return new MongoDBDataConnection(connectionString);
// ...
void MongoDBCustomConnectionProvideServiceExample() {
    // Create a MongoDBDataSource object and specify its ConnectionName property.
    // The specified name is passed as an argument to the LoadConnection method of
    // the custom connection service.
    var mongoDBDataSource = new MongoDBDataSource() {
        ConnectionName = "...",
        Queries = { /* ... */ }

    // Register the created custom connection service for the MongoDBDataSource object.
        new CustomMongoDBConnectionProviderService()

    // Call the Fill method of the MongoDBDataSource object to execute queries
    // and load data from a MongoDB instance.

    // Use the created object as a data source in your application or component.
    // ...
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