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Templates for DevExpress Components

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CodeRush allows you to create popular DevExpress components for Blazor. For example, type fl and press Tab (or Space, depending on your settings) to create a DxFormLayout Blazor component with fields. These fields allow you to quickly change properties. When the caret is inside the DxFormLayout component, you can expand the i template to create a new layout item.


Visual Studio IntelliSense has priority over CodeRush templates. For information on how to prioritize a CodeRush template over Visual Studio IntelliSense, refer to the following topic section: Expand a Template Instead of Visual Studio IntelliSense.

The following tables list templates for DevExpress Blazor components:


Template Description
xb Creates a Button component (DxButton).


Code templates for creating charts:

Template Description
xch Creates a chart component (DxChart).
rb Creates a range bar series (DxChartRangeBarSeries). You can expand this template on an empty line inside a DxChart.
Template Description
xcm Creates a Context Menu component (DxContextMenu). Use the “i” code template (see below) to add menu items.
fl Creates a Form Layout component (DxFormLayout). Use the “i” code template (see below) to add form layout items.
xpa Creates a Pager component (DxPager).
xpop Creates a Popup component (DxPopup).
xsl Creates a Stack Layout component (DxStackLayout).
ta Creates a Tab (DxTab) inside a Tabs component.
tp Creates a Tab with content (DxTabPage) inside a Tabs component.
xta Creates a Tabs component (DxTabs).
xtb Creates a Toolbar component (DxToolbar).
xtv Creates a TreeView component (DxTreeView). Use the “n” code template (see below) to add nodes.


Use the “i” code template to add child items to parent components.

Template Description
i Creates a DxContextMenuItem, DxFormLayoutItem, DxStackLayoutItem, or DxDataGridSummaryItem inside the corresponding parent component.


Use the “n” code template to add child nodes to a tree view.

Template Description
n Creates a DxTreeViewNode inside the TreeView component.

Pivot Grid

Template Description
xpg Creates a pivot grid component (DxPivotGrid).
f Creates a pivot grid field (DxPivotGridField). Expand this code template on an empty line inside a DxPivotGrid to create the field.


Template Description
xdv Creates a DxDocumentViewer component that is used to publish (preview, print, and export) documents in Blazor applications (DxDocumentViewer).
xrd Creates a DxReportDesigner component to create an End-User Report Designer in Blazor applications (DxReportDesigner).


Template Description
xsch Creates a calendar and scheduler component (DxScheduler).


Template Description
xup Creates an Upload component (DxUpload).