Unit Testing Assistance

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The CodeRush Unit Test Runner tool can be used for the following tasks:

The Unit Test Runner consists of two parts:

  • a test runner tool window - allows you to run tests, debug them, and analyze their results.


  • an in-editor UI - allows you to run tests direct from the code editor.


Discovering Tests

If your solution contains tests and the appropriate framework is referenced, the Unit Test Runner:

  • Recognizes the tests.

  • Marks the tests with an icon to the left of each test attribute.

  • Creates a tests tree in the Test Runner tool window.

Test Framework Support

The Unit Test Runner supports the following testing frameworks:

Refer to the Testing Framework Configuration article for details on how to set up the testing framework.


CodeRush Test Runner supports running tests under SciTech Software’s .NET Memory Profiler. This third-party product allows you to use the Run Under Memory Profiler toolbar button (Icon_MemProfiler) to run tests designed to identify memory leaks and other memory usage issues.