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Members Declaration

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Templates library includes multiple templates for quick member declaration. These templates are available when the caret is inside a class body, but outside methods and properties. Most member declaration templates are complex and consist of two parts - the kind of member and its type. The table below shows examples of member declaration templates.

Member Kind void Boolean Integer Double String Object
Method m mb mi md ms mo
Property pb pi pd ps po
Auto-implemented Property ab ai ad as ao
Field fb fi fd fs fo


If you need to force the creation of a static member, Uppercase the first letter of the required template. For example, the “Ms“ template creates the static method that returns a string. To access the full list of types or add a new one, refer to the Editor | All Languages | Template Name Variables options page.

The full list of member declaration templates is available in the code templates configuration options.


If you prefer to have a printable copy of CodeRush code templates, download CodeRush Cheat Sheet.


Visual Studio IntelliSense has priority over CodeRush templates. For information on how to prioritize a CodeRush template over Visual Studio IntelliSense, refer to the following topic section: Expand a Template Instead of Visual Studio IntelliSense.

Specify Default Scope for Declared Members

You can specify the default visibility modifier of generated members. For example, to generate a public static method:

Open the Editor | C# (Visual Basic) | Scope Options options page, set the default scope for methods to “Public”, and press Apply and OK to save the changes and close this page.


Expand the “Ms“ template in the code editor.


Types in Templates

The following tables list the main types you can use in templates.


Type Mnemonic
Boolean b
Byte by
Char c
DateTime d8
Decimal de
Double d
EventArgs ea
Exception x
Guid g
Int16 sh
Int32 i
Int64 l
IntPtr ip
Object o
Single si
String s
Type ty
UInt32 u

Generic Collections - one parameter

Type Mnemonic
BindingList bl
Collection c
Comparer cmp
EqualityComparer ec
ICollection ic
IEnumerable ie
LinkedList ll
LinkedListNode lln
List l
Queue q
ReadOnlyCollection roc
Stack k
XPCollection xcl

Generic Collections - two parameters

Type Mnemonic
Dictionary d
KeyValuePair kvp
SortedDictionary sd
SortedList sl


Type Mnemonic
DataRow dr
DataRowView drv
DataSet ds
DataTable dt
DataView dv


To access the full list of types or add a new one, refer to the Editor | All Languages | Template Name Variables options page.

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