Clipboard Tools

CodeRush includes the following set of tools designed to improve the productivity of clipboard usage:

Clipboard History

This feature allows you to access your ten most recent clipboard states. When you copy or cut some text, it automatically saves to the Clipboard History.

Hit Ctrl+Shift+V when you need to recall a Clipboard History item. This shortcut brings up the search-enabled Clipboard History Window, which displays the clipboard states.


You can paste an item to the current caret position in several ways:

  1. Double-click the desired item.
  2. Select the desired item using the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys and hit Enter.
  3. Use Ctrl+0 ... Ctrl+9 keys to paste a corresponding item.

Start typing while the Clipboard History Window is open to search for a specific text in your clipboard history (the list will be filtered dynamically as you type).

Smart Cut & Copy


To enable this feature, use the Quick Setup or Editor | All Languages | Clipboard options page.

Smart Cut and Copy places logical blocks of code onto the clipboard with a single keystroke without selecting them. Place the caret at the beginning of the code block and use the cut or copy shortcut.

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Paste as XAML/SVG

The Paste as XAML and Paste as SVG features enable you to paste a vector drawing copied from a vector editing tool (for example, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Adobe Illustrator) inside the XAML or HTML source code. It is inserted as an editable and resizable vector drawing.

  1. Select a drawing or a part of it in a vector editor and copy it:


  2. Switch to a XAML editor in Visual Studio, place the caret where you want to insert the drawing and press Ctrl + V:



You can disable this feature by using the Quick Setup options page.

Paste Replace Word

With the Paste Replace Word feature, you can replace the identifier under the caret with the word on the clipboard without selecting this identifier. Press Ctrl + B to invoke this feature.


This feature is especially useful in combination with Smart Cut & Copy as shown in the animation below.

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Mega Super Copy

You can add Text Links and Fields to code in the clipboard. Multi-select elements that should be changed in several places at once, then copy/cut a block of code. Multi-selected code elements are converted to Text Links/Fields when they are pasted.


Tips and Tricks

  • You can create zero-length multi-selections to mark text insertion points (like Text Fields without a default value). Use Ctrl+Alt+Enter to place an insertion point at the caret's position.
  • Use Ctrl+Alt+V to paste the most recent Mega-Super-Copied text, even if it is not on the clipboard.
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