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ASPxClientTextEdit.UserInput Event

Fires on the client each time a user changes an editor’s input value.


UserInput: ASPxClientEvent<ASPxClientEventHandler<ASPxClientTextEdit>>

Event Data

The UserInput event's data class is ASPxClientEventArgs.



The UserInput event is raised only in response to end-user actions.

The GetText and the GetValue methods can return an incorrect (empty or previous) value in the client-side UserInput, KeyDown, KeyPress, and KeyUp event handlers when you apply a format, mask, or null text settings to a text editor.

In this case, obtain the editor’s text from the editor’s input element:

function OnUserInput(s, e) {  
    var currentText = s.GetInputElement().value;  

For more information refer to the following Support Center ticket: ticket.


  • Built-in editors within the grid’s Filter Row do not raise the client-side ValueChanged, UserInput, and KeyDown events because these editors apply internal filter mechanisms.
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