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ASPxClientRibbon.MinimizationStateChanged Event

Occurs on the client side when the ribbon minimization state is changed by end-user actions.


MinimizationStateChanged: ASPxClientEvent<ASPxClientRibbonMinimizationStateEventHandler<ASPxClientRibbon>>

Event Data

The MinimizationStateChanged event's data class is ASPxClientRibbonMinimizationStateEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
ribbonState Returns the value indicating the new ribbon state.


Write a handler for the MinimizationStateChanged event to perform any custom actions on the client side in response to the ribbon minimization state being changed.

The MinimizationStateChanged event fires after an end-user changes the ribbon state, e.g., by clicking a minimize button. If you change the checked state programmatically via the ASPxClientRibbon.SetMinimized method, the event is not invoked.

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