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ASPxClientNavBarGroup.GetItem(index) Method

Returns the group's item specified by its index.


GetItem(index: number): ASPxClientNavBarItem


Name Type Description
index number

An integer value specifying the zero-based index of the item to be retrieved.


Type Description

An ASPxClientNavBarItem object representing the item located at the specified index within the current group.


The navbar's client-side functionality enables you to access and manipulate group items on the client. Use the GetItem method to get the client-side item object at the specified index in a group using array notation. This method can be used together with the ASPxClientNavBarGroup.GetItemCount method when iterating through the list of a group's items.

Note that the index parameter is zero-based and its upper available value is specified by the ASPxClientNavBarGroup.GetItemCount value decremented by one. If you pass an invalid index via the parameter, the method returns null.

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