ASPxClientControlCollection Members

A collection object used on the client side to maintain particular client control objects


Name Description
ForEachControl(action) Performs the specified action for each control in the collection.
Get(name) Obsolete. Returns a collection item identified by its unique hierarchically-qualified identifier.
GetByName(name) Returns a DevExpress client control object identified by its unique hierarchically-qualified identifier (either ClientInstanceName or ClientID property value).
GetControlsByPredicate(predicate) Returns all controls in the collection that satisfy the specified predicate.
GetControlsByType(type) Returns all controls of the specified type.


Name Description
BeginCallback Occurs when a callback for server-side processing is initiated by any DevExpress control.
BrowserWindowResized Occurs when the browser window is being resized.
CallbackError Fires on the client if any server error occurs during server-side processing of a callback sent by any DevExpress web control.
ControlsInitialized Occurs on the client side after client object models of all DevExpress web controls contained within the page have been initialized.
EndCallback Occurs on the client side, after server-side processing of a callback initiated by any DevExpress web control, has been completed.
ValidationCompleted Occurs after the validation initiated for a DevExpress web control (or a group of DevExpress web controls) has been completed.
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