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DevExpress editors allow you to use masks when users edit data. Masks are useful when you require a user to enter a string in a specific format. For instance, a text editor that accepts date/time values in the 24-hour format only, or a phone number that requires a user to enter digits into automatically constructed placeholders.

You can use masked input in the following ASP.NET editor types (ASPxEditors):


If you use the editor’s MaskSettings.Mask property to define a text box editor’s mask, it automatically activates the editor’s built-in validation functionality. This might affect the editor’s appearance, because extra space may be required to display an error image and text (for invalid input), due to an editor’s default validation settings. To customize the editor appearance in this case, use validation properties available from the editor’s ASPxEdit.ValidationSettings property (for instance, you can modify the ValidationSettings.Display or ValidationSettings.ErrorDisplayMode property). You can also use an editor’s MaskSettings.ErrorText property to display mask-specific error text.


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