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The ASPxListBox control displays a list of items that users can select.



  • Multiple Selection

    The ASPxListBox editor allows users to select multiple list items at the same time. Use the ASPxListBox.SelectionMode property to specify selection modes:

    ASPxListBox-Multiple Selection

    Selection Mode Description
    Single Users can select only one item within the editor.
    Multiple Users can click list items while pressing Ctrl (to add an individual item) or Shift (to select a range of items) to select multiple items within the editor.
    CheckColumn Users can select multiple items within the editor by clicking list items (use the Shift key to select a range of items).
  • Filtering

    Users can enter text in the filter editor above the list to filter items. To make the filter editor visible, set the ListBoxFilteringSettings.ShowSearchUI property to true. When a user types a filter string, the items list is automatically updated to display only the items that match this string. To make all list box items visible, clear the filter editor.


  • Multi-Column Mode

    The list box editor allows you to display list data in multiple columns. This functionality is in effect if the editor's items collection is obtained from a data source.


  • Item Appearance Customization

    The ASPxListBox allows you to customize item appearance. To do this, use the ASPxListBox.ItemTextCellPrepared event for cells and the ASPxListBox.ItemRowPrepared event for rows.


  • Built-in Validation

    You can validate the editor's data on both the client and server sides. See the following help topic to learn more: Validation.

  • Full-Featured Client-Side API

    Use the ASPxClientListBox object to access the ASPxListBox client-side API. You can use the following methods to modify the editor's behavior:

    Method Description
    AddItem(text) Adds a new item to the editor, specifying the item's display text, associated value and displayed image, and returns the index of the added item.
    BeginUpdate Prevents the client list box editor from being rendered until the ASPxClientListBox.EndUpdate method is called.
    EndUpdate Re-enables editor render operations after a call to the ASPxClientListBox.BeginUpdate method, and forces an immediate re-rendering.
    ClearItems Removes all items from the client list box editor.
    FindItemByText(text) Returns a list box item by its text.
    FindItemByValue(value) Returns a list box item by its value.
    GetItem(index) Returns an item specified by its index within the list box editor's item collection.
    GetItemCount Gets the number of items contained in the editor's item collection.
    GetSelectedIndices Returns an array of the list editor's selected items indices.
    GetSelectedItems Returns an array of the list editor's selected items.
    GetSelectedValues Returns an array of the list editor's selected items values.
    InsertItem(index, text) Adds a new item to the control's items collection at the specified index.
    MakeItemVisible(index) Scrolls the editor's item list, so that the specified item becomes visible.
    RemoveItem(index) Removes an item specified by its index from the client list editor.
    SelectAll Selects all list box items.
    SelectIndices(indices) Selects the items with the specified indices within a list box.
    SelectItems(items) Selects the specified items within a list box.
    SelectValues(values) Select the items with the specified values within a list box.
    UnselectAll Unselects all list box items.
    UnselectIndices(indices) Unselects an array of the list box items with the specified indices.
    UnselectItems(items) Unselects an array of the specified list box items.
    UnselectValues(values) Unselects an array of the list box items with the specified values.