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End-User Capabilities

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With the ASPxFilterControl, users can construct multiple filter expressions, combined by any logical operator, and apply them to controls or to a data source.

The ASPxFilterControl includes the following end-user capabilities for filter criteria construction:

  • Add/remove filter expressions

    Users can use Add and Remove buttons to add and remove filter expressions (conditions).

  • Change a field in a filter expression

    Users can change a condition field. To do this, they can invoke the field dropdown menu and choose the required field.


  • Change an operator in a filter expression

    To change a comparison operator, users can invoke the operator dropdown menu and choose the required operator.


  • Edit an expression value

    Users can edit a criteria value. To discard changes to the criteria value and close the active edit box, they can press ESC.

  • Change a group combining operator

    Conditions combined by a logical operator at the same level form a group. Users can invoke the combining operator dropdown menu to change the current combining operator. Accessible logical operators are as follows: And, Or, Not And, Not Or.


  • Add/remove nested groups

    Users can invoke the combining operator dropdown menu to add and remove nested groups, which allows them to build more complex filter criteria.

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