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XafApplication.Setup(String, IObjectSpaceProvider, ApplicationModulesManager, ISecurityStrategyBase) Method

Initializes the newly created XafApplication class instance.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.v19.1.dll


public void Setup(
    string applicationName,
    IObjectSpaceProvider objectSpaceProvider,
    ApplicationModulesManager modulesManager,
    ISecurityStrategyBase security
Public Sub Setup(
    applicationName As String,
    objectSpaceProvider As IObjectSpaceProvider,
    modulesManager As ApplicationModulesManager,
    security As ISecurityStrategyBase


Name Type Description
applicationName String

A string value that is the application's name. This value is assigned to the XafApplication.ApplicationName property.

objectSpaceProvider IObjectSpaceProvider

An object that implements the IObjectSpaceProvider interface. This object is assigned to the XafApplication.ObjectSpaceProvider property and then used to create an Object Space (see BaseObjectSpace).

modulesManager DevExpress.ExpressApp.ApplicationModulesManager

An ApplicationModulesManager object that has a module list, provides access to the Controllers Manager, View Items Manager, Application Model and model difference storages.

security DevExpress.ExpressApp.Security.ISecurityStrategyBase

The ISecurityStrategyBase object that is the Security System Overview that will be used in the application.


Generally, you do not need to use this method overload. It is for internal use only. Instead, use one of the remaining method overloads; for instance, the overload used by default (without parameters).

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