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In addition to building XAF business applications, you should be familiar with appropriate methods for deploying and updating these applications. For this purpose, you may need to use configuration settings that differ from the ones applied for such application compilation modes as debugging, testing, etc. Topics in this help section will explain how to modify configuration files easily, and describes approaches to deploy XAF applications.

Deployment Tutorial

If you are deploying an XAF application for the first time, we recommend taking the Deployment Tutorial. The step-by-step lessons explain how to deploy and update an XAF application in a real production environment. To cover all general deployment issues you may encounter, a list of common deployment problems and ways of resolving them is provided.

Troubleshooting Guide

If you run into an issue when deploying an XAF application, take a look at the Deployment Troubleshooting Guide help topic. The topic provides a list of common deployment problems and ways of resolving them.

General Deployment Information

The following topics provide general information on XAF applications deployment.

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