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.NET 6.0+

DevExpress.ExpressApp.Validation Namespace

Contains classes specific to the Validation module functionality.

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Validation.v23.2.dll


Name Description
ActionValidationController Represents a Controller descendant that allows Actions to be used as Validation Contexts.
ContextValidatingEventArgs Arguments passed to the PersistenceValidationController.ContextValidating event.
CustomGetAggregatedObjectsToValidateEventArgs Arguments passed to the PersistenceValidationController.CustomGetAggregatedObjectsToValidate event.
CustomizeApplicationRuntimeRulesEventArgs Arguments passed to the ValidationModule.CustomizeApplicationRuntimeRules event.
CustomizeRulesEventArgs Serves as the base class for the CustomizeApplicationRuntimeRulesEventArgs class.
DeleteContextValidatingEventArgs Arguments passed to the PersistenceValidationController.DeleteContextValidating event.
ModelValidationContextsNodeGenerator A Nodes Generator that generates the content of the IModelValidationContexts node.
ModelValidationRulesNodeGenerator A Nodes Generator that generates the content of the IModelValidationRules node.
NeedToValidateObjectEventArgs Arguments passed to the PersistenceValidationController.NeedToValidateObject event.
PersistenceValidationController Validates persistent objects when they are saved or deleted in the UI.
RuleSetInitializedEventArgs Arguments passed to the ValidationModule.RuleSetInitialized event.
ValidationModule The module contained in the DevExpress.ExpressApp.Validation.v23.2.dll assembly.


Name Description
IModelActionValidationContexts Used to extend the Application Model‘s Action node with properties specific to the Validation Module.
IModelApplicationValidation Used to extend the Application Model with the Validation node.
IModelLayoutManagerOptionsValidation Extends the IModelLayoutManagerOptions node with properties specific to the Validation Module.
IModelRuleBase The RuleBase node defines a particular rule.
IModelValidation The Validation node defines Contexts and Rules used in your application.
IModelValidationContext The Context node defines a particular validation context.
IModelValidationContexts The Contexts node defines the validation contexts used in the application.
IModelValidationRules The Rules node defines all the Rules that are applied in an application.