NonPersistentObjectSpace Class

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.v18.1.dll


public class NonPersistentObjectSpace :
Public Class NonPersistentObjectSpace
    Inherits BaseObjectSpace
    Implements IObjectSpace,

To enable the use of NonPersistentObjectSpace, the following code should be added to the overridden CreateDefaultObjectSpaceProvider method located in the WinApplication.cs (WinApplication.vb) and/or WebApplication.cs (WebApplication.vb) file (in addition to the existing XPObjectSpaceProvider or EFObjectSpaceProvider).

protected override void CreateDefaultObjectSpaceProvider(CreateCustomObjectSpaceProviderEventArgs args) {
    // ...
    args.ObjectSpaceProviders.Add(new NonPersistentObjectSpaceProvider(TypesInfo, null));

Currently, this code is added automatically by the Solution Wizard, but it may be missing if you have created your project using an older version of XAF.

To supply non-persistent objects for NonPersistentObjectSpace, use the NonPersistentObjectSpace.ObjectsGetting event that occurs when NonPersistentObjectSpace creates an object collection. You can find examples in the following topics:

To supply an object returned by the NonPersistentObjectSpace.GetObject method, use the NonPersistentObjectSpace.ObjectGetting event.

The New, Delete and Save Actions are available for non-persistent objects. To access all created, deleted and modified objects within NonPersistentObjectSpace, use the NonPersistentObjectSpace.ModifiedObjects property.

The IObjectSpaceLink.ObjectSpace property of non-persistent objects that support IObjectSpaceLink is initialized in these cases:

If an object from another Object Space passed to the GetObject method implements IObjectSpaceLink, and its ObjectSpace property is null, the current NonPersistentObjectSpace assigns a link to itself in this property. Similar behavior is implemented for objects returned by the GetObjects and CreateCollection methods using the NonPersistentObjectSpace.ObjectsGetting event.




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