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.NET 6.0+

DevExpress.ExpressApp.Chart Namespace

Contains classes and interfaces specific to the Chart Module functionality.

Assemblies: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Chart.v23.2.dll, DevExpress.Persistent.Base.v23.2.dll


Name Description
ChartListEditorBase An abstract class that serves as the base class for the Charting List Editors.
ChartModule The module contained in the DevExpress.ExpressApp.Chart.v23.2.dll assembly.


Name Description
ICustomizationEnabledProvider Declares members implemented by charting entities, that allow or prohibit end-user customization to charts displayed in a UI.
IModelChartListView Used to extend the Application Model with the ChartSettings node.
IModelChartSettings The ChartSettings node provides access to the settings of the charting List Editor used by a List View.