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.NET 6.0+

DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win Namespace

Contains interfaces and classes that are specific to XAF Windows Forms applications.

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win.v24.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win


Name Description
CustomGetImageEventArgs Arguments passed to the CustomGetImage event.
CustomHandleExceptionEventArgs Provides data for the WinApplication.CustomHandleException event.
DefaultOverlayFormOptions Contains options the WinForms Splash Screen Manager uses to show an Overlay Form.
MdiShowViewStrategy A Show View Strategy that uses a multiple document interface and can be used as an alternative to the default ShowInMultipleWindowsStrategy.
QueryIconEventArgs Arguments passed to the WinWindow.QueryDefaultFormIcon event.
ShowInMultipleWindowsStrategy Represents the Show View Strategy used in XAF Windows Forms applications by default.
ShowInSingleWindowStrategy A Show View Strategy that can be used as an alternative to the ShowInMultipleWindowsStrategy. Provides a different behavior when a Detail View is invoked from a List View that is displayed in the main Window.
WinApplication Manages a WinForms XAF application.
WinShowViewStrategyBase An abstract class that serves as the base class for Show View Strategies used in XAF Windows Forms applications.
WinWindow A Window used in Windows Forms applications.
WinWindowShowingEventArgs Arguments, passed to the WinShowViewStrategyBase.WinWindowShowing event.


Name Description
IModelOptionsTabbedMdiLayout Used to extend the Application Model‘s Options node with the properties required for the MdiShowViewStrategy.
ISplash Declares members implemented by a splash screen which is displayed when a Windows Forms application starts.
ISupportOverlayForm Provides methods to show and close an Overlay Form.
ISupportSplashTypes Provides methods to show and close a Splash Screen, a Wait Form or a Splash Image.
ISupportUpdateSplash Declares members implemented by a splash screen which can display the loading process dynamically.


Name Description
FileLocation Obsolete. Contains values specifying the location of log and user differences files.
SplashType Contains values that specify splash form types.