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ReportsAspNetModule.DefaultPreviewFormat Property

Specifies in which format reports are previewed when they are pressed in a List View.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Reports.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Reports.Web.v19.1.dll


public ReportOutputType DefaultPreviewFormat { get; set; }
Public Property DefaultPreviewFormat As ReportOutputType

Property Value

Type Default Description


The ReportOutputType enumeration value that specifies the display format of reports from the Report List View.


By default, this property is set to ReportViewer. This means that the PreviewInReportViewerAction is executed when clicking a report in the Report List View. This Action invokes the Preview window that contains a Detail View with a single View Item (see Reports Module in ASP.NET Applications). This Item is displayed by a panel that contains the ReportViewer control and two ReportToolbars, at the top and bottom. The Report Viewer shows a report. The Report Toolbar provides end-user capabilities that are common to Preview windows. For instance, saving, searching, printing and so on. When saving a report, you will be able to choose the format of the created file.


When the ReportsAspNetModule class' ReportsAspNetModule.ShowFormatSpecificPreviewActions property is set to true, format specific preview Actions are available in addition to the PreviewInReportViewerAction:


You can set one of these Actions as a default Action. It will be executed when clicking a report in the Report List View. To specify this property, invoke the Application Designer and select the ReportsAspNetModule item in the Modules section. The DefaultPreviewFormat property will be available in the Properties window.


To learn more about all the mentioned Actions, refer to the Format-Specific Preview Actions in ASP.NET Applications topic.

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