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MobileApplication.CustomizePhoneGapConfig Event

Occurs before the PhoneGap configuration file is processed.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Mobile

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Mobile.v19.1.dll


public event EventHandler<CustomizePhoneGapConfigEventArgs> CustomizePhoneGapConfig
Public Event CustomizePhoneGapConfig As EventHandler(Of CustomizePhoneGapConfigEventArgs)

Event Data

The CustomizePhoneGapConfig event handler receives an argument of the DevExpress.ExpressApp.Mobile.CustomizePhoneGapConfigEventArgs type.


This event allows you to customize the PhoneGap configuration file, for example, add plugins to your Mobile application. The configuration file of the XDocument type is passed as the PhoneGapConfig event argument. The example below demonstrates how to access a root element using this event.

using System.Xml.Linq;
public partial class MySolutionMobileApplication : MobileApplication {
    public MainDemoMobileApplication() {
        CustomizePhoneGapConfig += MySolutionMobileApplication_CustomizePhoneGapConfig; 
    private void MySolutionMobileApplication_CustomizePhoneGapConfig(object sender, CustomizePhoneGapConfigEventArgs e) {
        XElement root = e.PhoneGapConfig.Root; 

You can also add a PhoneGap plugin to your Mobile application using the MobileApplication.AdditionalPhoneGapPlugins property.

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