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MobileApplication.AdditionalPhoneGapPlugins Property

Allows to register additional PhoneGap Plugins in your Mobile application.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Mobile

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Mobile.v19.1.dll


public List<string> AdditionalPhoneGapPlugins { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property AdditionalPhoneGapPlugins As List(Of String)

Property Value

Type Description

A List<String> object with additional registered PhoneGap plugins.


Use the AdditionalPhoneGapPlugins property to register a custom PhoneGap plugin. For this purpose, add a string with the <plugin> tag containing the plugin details (e.g., name, version, etc.). This tag will be added to the PhoneGap configuration file.


Examples of tags required for adding a specific plugin in your Mobile application should be provided in the plugin documentation. In general, a tag should be formatted according to rules described in the "Including a plugin in your project" section of the Plugins article.

The appropriate place for adding custom PhoneGap plugins is the MobileApplication constructor.

The following example demonstrates how to add the phonegap-plugin-push plugin using the <plugin> tag provided in its documentation:

public partial class MySolutionMobileApplication : MobileApplication {
    public MySolutionMobileApplication() { 
        this.AdditionalPhoneGapPlugins.Add(@"<plugin name=""phonegap-plugin-push"" spec=""2.0.0"" />"); 

For advanced customization of the PhoneGap configuration file, you can use the MobileApplication.CustomizePhoneGapConfig event.

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