EFObjectSpace.FindObject(Type, CriteriaOperator, Boolean) Method

Searches for the first object which matches the specified criteria.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.EF

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.EF.v18.2.dll


public override object FindObject(
    Type type,
    CriteriaOperator criteria,
    bool inTransaction
Public Overrides Function FindObject(
    type As Type,
    criteria As CriteriaOperator,
    inTransaction As Boolean
) As Object


Type Name Description
Type type

A Type object which is the type of objects to search for.

CriteriaOperator criteria

A DevExpress.Data.Filtering.CriteriaOperator descendant which is the criteria for matching persistent objects.

Boolean inTransaction

A boolean value. It is not used during the search.


Type Description

An object which is the first persistent object which matches the specified criteria. null (Nothing in Visual Basic) if there is no persistent object which matches the criteria.

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