XtraReportBase.GetNextColumnValue<T>(String) Method

Gets the next value (strongly typed) of the specified column in the report's XtraReportBase.DataSource.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraReports.UI

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraReports.v18.2.dll


public T GetNextColumnValue<T>(
    string columnName
Public Function GetNextColumnValue(Of T)(
    columnName As String
) As T


Type Name Description
String columnName

A String value, specifying the name of the column whose value to be obtained.


Type Description

A <T> object that corresponds to the next value of the specified column in the data source. If the specified column was not found, this method returns null (Nothing in Visual Basic).

Type Parameters

Name Description

Use the GetNextColumnValue<T>, XtraReportBase.GetPreviousColumnValue<T> and XtraReportBase.GetCurrentColumnValue<T> methods to determine the value of the specified data column when creating a report, for example, in the XRControl.BeforePrint event handler.

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